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Dave.What I Can Do For You
I will help you learn to make better use of the technology that's around you every day:

  • your computer and the internet
  • your digital camera
  • your mobile phone
  • your audio and video equipment

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Why You Should Hire Me
I'm a gadget guy. I grew up with technology. It's in my blood. But it's not enough that I understand it... One of my strengths is an ability to describe the world of technology in terms that are clear to everyone. I won't tell you to memorize a set of steps – I'll concisely explain things so rote memorization is unnecessary.
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Service Options
You can choose to have me help you at your home or office or, for questions that don't require a personal visit, I can assist you over the phone or by email.
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"Dave is a wonderful teacher. Patience is his virtue. I was apprehensive about keeping up, but Dave paced the session very well."

-Marge Engelman, Madison, WI

"Working with Dave has been a consistent pleasure... he is steady, easy to work with, and so, so patient with any question presented to him. Dave is also very responsive and I can count on him to come through with the answers."

-Nancy Young, Madison, WI

"In my mind Dave's strengths are his kindness, intelligence, timeliness, and fairness. As a homeowner and business owner I have relied on Dave for many years. He has consistently 'over delivered' and I feel very fortunate to have Dave as my IT support person."

-Scott Shimanski, Associated Housewrights, Madison, WI

"I have asked for Dave's expertise many times over the past 15 years. Dave has always been patient and thoughtful when explaining things to me. He chooses words carefully and listens well to my questions. I call Dave because I have confidence about his ability to help me through whatever challenge I am facing."

-Jody Whelden, Madison, WI

"I strongly endorse Dave as a tutor for the timid as well as the advanced computer user. He listens well. He explains clearly and kindly how to proceed with what you want to learn. He encourages exploration and practice and offers a very nice follow-up service by telephone when needed. He responds promptly when called and can usually be at your side in your home within a day or two. He is unflagging in helping me learn to love the challange of new learning on the computer."

-Clare McArdle, Madison, WI

Dave Friedman | | (608) 301-5602

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