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I've always been interested in technology. When I was a little kid in the 1970s, I remember being fascinated when my family got one of the first electronic calculators available. That exposure to technology continued with many things we now take for granted, but were revolutionary at the time... TV remote controls, video games, personal computers, and microwave ovens, among many others.

In more recent years my technology universe has expanded to include navigation systems, digital video recorders, personal digital assistants, mobile phones, iPads, digital cameras, video chatting – the list could go on and on.

Teaching Experience
Alongside my interest in technology has been an enthusiasm to share what I know. I co-founded my high school's computer club, bringing in speakers and learning about the latest developments. Then in college I worked at a student computer center where I taught a variety of computer classes from the basics to more advanced topics.

For more than 10 years I taught an introduction to website design class through the Wisconsin Union at UW-Madison. Course evaluations consistently recognized me for my patience and clarity.

Since 2010 I've volunteered as the "Gadget Guru" at the Middleton Senior Center. I hold drop-in sessions where seniors bring in computers, phones, cameras, tablets, and other gadgets for me to help them with.

And I've also been called on throughout my life to help friends, family, classmates, and teachers with technology issues of all kinds...

  • How do I record one TV show while I watch another?
  • How do I email vacation photos to friends and family?
  • How do I get my address book on my cell phone?
  • How do I find interesting apps and install them on my smartphone?
  • How do I reserve a book at the library using my computer?

But What About...?
One question that might be on your mind is, How do I know you have experience with the issue I'm trying to figure out?

There are so many different models of cameras, mobile phones, and computers that I don't claim to have used them all. But much like a driving instructor who teaches people regardless of the type of car they own, I understand technology and I can quickly translate my knowledge from similar experiences to help you with the issue at hand. It's very common for me to teach someone how to use a device I've never seen before.

And when you contact me to schedule an appointment, I will ask you the areas you're interested in getting some help with. If there's anything that is outside my scope of knowledge I will be direct and let you know.

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